Create your own on board buffet by choosing seven hot
dishes and five salads, from the categories below :

Dips Salads [2 choices]

● Tahini
● Tzadziki
● Houmous
● Pickled Vegetables
● Aubergine Salad

Secondary Salad [1 choice]

● Traditional Potato Salad
● Classic Cyprus beetroot Salad
● Beetroot salad with yoghurt Sauce
● Tabouli (Lebanese Salad)
● Pasta Mayonnaise Salad
● The old fashion Coleslaw salad
● Russian σαλάτα (by Elephant)

Green Salads [2 choices]

● Village Salad (cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc)
● Cretan Salad [tomato, cucumber, dried bread, feta cheese, onion and capers]
● Platter [slices of tomato, cucumber and feta cheese]
● Italian Rocket Salad [served with balsamic vinaigrette]
● Green Salad with Chicken [served with honey mustard sauce]
● Antipasti [Green salad with grilled vegetables]

Rice/Pilaf Choices [1 choice]

● Rice [with roasted spaghetti]
● Rice [with vegetables]
● Spinach Rice
● Rice with mushrooms
● Pourgouri ( bulgur wheat traditional dish)

Vegetables [1 choice]

● Steamed vegetables
● Oven cooked Seasonal vegetables
● Mpriam Vegetables [Mixture of half fried
vegetables finished in the oven with tomato sauce
● Imam (Aubergine in tomato Sause with feta cheese cooked in the oven]
● Casserole Mushrooms
● Au gratin Vegetables [variety of seasonal vegetables]

Potatoes [1 choice]

● Oven cooked Potatoes
● Jacket Potato
● Mashed Potatoes
● Anna Potatoes (cheesy potatoes with fresh cream)
● Patates Antinachtes [traditional cooked baby
potatoes with wine and coriander]

Pasta [1 choice]

● Pastitsio
● Lasagne with minced meat
● Lasagne with Spinach
● Orzo
● Penne a la Carbonara
● Ravioli with haloumi [In Sauce]

Chicken [1 choice]

●Grilled Chicken Breast
● Whole boneless chicken stuffed with cheese and bacon
● Chicken curry
● Chicken a la cream
● Psito [Traditional chicken oven-cooked]
● Chicken [chicken legs in the oven marinated in yoghurt and mustard]

Pork [1 choice]
● Pork Souvla
● Roast pork cooked in the oven with orange juice and honey
● Pork belly marinated in wine
● Aphelia (Traditional pork dish cooked with wine and coriander]
● Pork spare ribs with bbq sauce
● Pork Fillet a la cream
● Pork ragout with mushrooms

Minced Meat [1 choice]
● Burger with caramelized onions
● Traditional Cyprus meat balls
● Roll of Minced meat stuffed with cheese
● Moussaka
● Gemista Stuffed vegetables (Seasonal)
● Chicken Souvla
● Cannelloni stuffed with minced meat

Sweets [1 choice]
● Mini fruit Tarts
● Mini Éclair filled with crème
● Mini chocolate balls

Fruits [1 Choice]

● Seasonal fruit
● Fruit salad

€15,00 per person

This is a sample menu at this price, others are available on request

Bar Menu


Open Bar Drinks for 4 hrs Euro 16.00 per person.

Open Bar Drinks for 6 hrs Euro 18.00 per person..

Open bar includes local, imported drinks and cocktails, such as

Whiskeys: J&B, Red Label

Vodka: Smirnoff, Absolut

Rum: Bacardi

Gin: Gordons

Brandy, Zivania, Ouzo

Beer: Carlsberg

Imported wines

Mineral Water, Soft drinks and Various Juices

Various Cocktails such as Mojito, Pina colada etc


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