Wedding in Cyprus

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The wedding Preparatives Wedding Reception in the true sense of the words
more Guests more wedding Guests Friends of the groom
 And still more wedding guests More Guests
Mary Lawrence the Princess Laura Patrick Mommy and Stavros
Wedding Guests Wedding Guests
Gwen and Stavros Awaiting the Bride, who was fashionably late Nicholas and Fofo
Sarah Bernie Jules_and_Kathy all came from England for the wedding The Brides Blessing -  gratefully received The Brides Blessing The Betrothal ,this is where one pledges ones troth or makes a promise.
The_Bride_and_Stavros, what a happy wedding day The_CommitmentTo love you as much as I can as long as I can Coming down the stairs
At the Tables, eating, drinking and making merry Joint Effort - cutting the chocolate  cake
Arrivals - well well, this is the strangest wedding we have ever been to

Thanks to Jocelyne for the photo's, as usual she saw things with a keen eye.

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