Locations for Cyprus weddings


First is the Saint Helena's Anglican Church in Larnaca - A delightful parish. The church exterior is 'Urbane post moderne' and the interior has pretty stained windows and a traditional feel although pretty modern in reality. There is a courtyard at the front for gatherings and photo's although our photographers will often take you to another photo venue.

The Larnaca town hall. The new wedding venue in Larnaca is just off the sea front so there are some nice photo opportunities by the sea as well as a pretty old Larnaca house in which you get married ...... getting married in Larnaca has many up sides, - The sea is lovely as is the ceremony and the the presiding officers.

Saint Hellena's Anglican Church in Larnaca

St Helena's Church at the top.
The Larnaca Registry office below.

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We also have options in the Larnaca area for hotel chapel and beach weddings, here are a couple of ideas:

Golden Bay Chapel - The Golden Bay Beach Hotel is an exclusive 5 star hotel in Larnaca where there is not only a beautiful small chappel but also a myriad of feature swimming pools set by the beach for a wedding reception to long for.
cyprus_wedding_larnaca_golden_bay   cyprus_wedding_larnaca_golden_bay_pool.jpg (81472 bytes)

Palm Beach Chapel - The Palm Beach Hotel is a 4 star hotel directly on the beach. There is a chapel wedding or beach wedding option. See more Palm beach chapel here.

cyprus_wedding_larnaca_palm_beach.jpg (122330 bytes)   cyprus_wedding_st.helen_chapel.jpg (17603 bytes)   Get married at sunset at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca, Cyprus - A lovely venue to remember your whole life through.

Lucky hotel apts -  Enjoy your civil wedding beside the swimming pool of the Lucky hotel apts which is located only 200m from the beach. See more info here


A Traditional Cypriot Village House - There are many different possibilities, but some lend themselves to a traditional Cypriot village wedding more than others. This is one, see it here.

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